Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – Monday, January 29

Happy Monday!  I hope you had an amazing weekend.  I had a wonderful weekend… spending time with my dad and my sister.  It was nice to have that good quality family time!

In the classroom this week…

Bible – This is the last week we work Bible Journaling.  We are reading beautiful verses and illustrating them.  At the end of the month, we will have a completed project, a January Journal, full of beautiful illustrations from the Bible.  Our School Service projects will be washing the school hallways and doing a scavenger hunt for the 9th & 10th.  Our Community Service project will be focused on Kindness.  February is National Kindness Month and our class will have an assignment/project that spans the entire month.  Students will have the entire month of February to complete 100 acts of kindness.  Each student received a paper today regarding the project.  Each time one of the acts of kindness are completed, then the date it is completed needs to be written by the actual number or task.  Feel free to modify events/tasks as I don’t mind what is done for others, just as long as 100 acts of kindness are done.   https://www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com/100-acts-kindness-kids/

Math – This week begins our lessons on Fractions.  Our foundation is built on number sense.  Today, the first group learned about Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples.  Our next few topics will be Mixed Numbers, Equivalent Fractions, and Improper Fractions.  Students that have not finished their review on Khan Academy, will NOT be able to take their decimal retake without the review complete.  Therefore, students who do not have their review, are already behind.  Khan Academy DECIMAL review is a required homework assignment for students that are not finished or ready to take their test.

Reading –  We continue reading “Hana’s Suitcase”.  This pathways book is about a little girl involved with the Holocaust.  The story talks about her life before, during, and some artifacts that belonged to her and were connected to her, after the Holocaust.  It is a sad story, one that is important to teach about.  We are learning about respect, tolerance, and standing up for what is right.  We are working on daily assignments in class.  There will be a project over this chapter.  More details next week.

Language Arts – This week, we continue our study on  paragraph structure.  We will work on a generic 5 sentence paragraph format and a more detailed 8 sentence paragraph.  To finish out the unit on paragraph study, students will be giving a How-To presentation. Students will be walked through the process on Thursday. We will discuss written and presentation requirements.  Ultimately, students will bring and present something that takes 3-5 steps to complete.  They will present their “How-To” on Friday, February 9.    Also, this quarter begins a new and fun topic called Genius Hour.  This is a really great way to pull students in and help them learn how to enjoy writing.  Students will be researching topics of their choice this quarter with an end result of a presentation, and two papers.  This week, students will decide what fun topic they want to begin researching.  Then, after they fill out their proposal form, they will sign a contract of follow-through and completion.  This contract requires them to be respectful in their research and complete the task put before them.  After Friday, each Friday, we will work on our research and writing little by little until the project is complete. A proposed presentation date would be right before Spring Break.  This presentation date would be an invitation for parents to come and observe the presentations and hard work that was put into the projects.  More details in the coming weeks.

Science – This week, in Ch.12, we begin learning about atoms, the Periodic Table, and how atoms impact the world.  We will be learning some very interesting facts and enjoy our learning with hands-on activities.

Social Studies – This week, we continue learning about the Greek culture in Ch.6.  There will be a test over this chapter.  It will be on Thursday, Feb.8.  It will be closed book test.  Notes/Assignments that have been done in class are being given back to students to study with for their test.

Spelling – Pretest is Wednesday and the test is on Friday. Hana’s Suitcase W2

New School Practices – Remember to dress in proper uniform, be on-time, and follow school rules.  The parent meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow evening has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Feb.6 at 6:30pm.  All parents are requested to attend.

Outdoor School – Outdoor School is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 – Thursday, April 26.  This is a conference planned and supported trip.  It is required through the conference.  At the end of February, I will send out more information regarding the trip.  Currently, the price is $175.  This will need to be paid to the school by all students by or before Friday, April 13.  This is also to fee for any adults that choose to come along.  If you may be planning to come, you need to let me know ASAP.  The price may change a little depending on your involvement with the popcorn fundraiser and the other fundraiser we will be doing in a few weeks.  More details to come.

Thank you for ALL that you do!  I really appreciate you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at kstair@yahoo.com OR call/text me at (832)603-2104.

Important Dates for January/February –

  • Wednesday, Jan. 31 – Spelling Pretest
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31 – Dress Down Day – $3
  • Friday, Feb.2 – Spelling Test
  • Tuesday, Feb.6 – Parent Meeting @6:30pm
  • Tuesday, Feb. 6 – Picture Day
  • Thursday, Feb. 8 – SA Spirit Day, SS Ch.6 Test
  • Friday, Feb. 9 – How-To Presentations
  • Friday, Feb.16 – Project Impact Day, 1/2 Day dismissal
  • Saturday, Feb.17 – Go Day, 7th & 8th gym night
  • Monday, Feb.19 – No School – President’s Day
  • Tuesday, Feb.20 – 100th day of school
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21 – Dress Down Day for 5/6 funds