Happy National Lost Penny Day – Monday, February 12

Happy chilly Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I am glad to be back and feeling semi-normal.  I definitely didn’t have the flu.  I had some crazy throat thing with fever, but it wasn’t strep throat.  Who knows.  It was enough to make me feel pretty miserable.  So, as I said, I am glad to be back and feeling like I am on the mend.

In the classroom this week…

Bible – This week, we will learn a little more about the greatest sacrifice of Love known to man, Jesus giving His life for us.  As we study about His GREAT love, we will also learn how to show His love to others.  Remember, the Kindness Project is due at the end of the month.   https://www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com/100-acts-kindness-kids/

Math – Groups 1 is learning about reducing fractions, equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Group 2 is learning about equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, improper fractions, and how to compare/order fractions. Group 3  is learning how to add and subtract fractions with mixed numbers and multiply fractions with mixed numbers.  We just have a handful more to study then we will be done.

Reading –  Last week, we watched “The Hiding Place” to finish out our learning about the Holocaust.  This movie is based on the life events of Corrie ten Boom during the Holocaust.  We did have our final presentation items last week, but I would like for students to redo their items and plan a little better. We will have our 2nd and final presentation on Wednesday.  This week, we are just catching up on our PR books.  Remember, we need 2 for each quarter.  Both books need to be read and book reports turned in before the end of the quarter.

Language Arts – This week, we will finish our paragraph unit.  Our presentation has been rescheduled to Thursday.  Ultimately, students will bring and present something that takes 3-6 steps to complete.  They will present their “How-To” on Thursday, February 15.   How-To presentation expectations Also, this quarter begins a new and fun topic called Genius Hour.  This is a really great way to pull students in and help them learn how to enjoy writing.  Students will be researching topics of their choice this quarter with an end result of a presentation, and two papers.  Last week, students decided what fun topic they wanted to begin researching.  They filled out their proposal form, which we will review on Friday.  After their topic is confirmed,  they will sign a contract of follow-through and completion.  This contract requires them to be respectful in their research and complete the task put before them.  Each Friday, we will work on our research and writing little by little until the project is complete. A proposed presentation date would be right before Spring Break.  This presentation date would be an invitation for parents to come and observe the presentations and hard work that was put into the projects.  More details in the coming weeks.

Science – This week, in Ch.13, we begin learning about electricity.  Due to the schedule of the week, we will only have one class for Science.  We will be learning about Static Electricity.  It will be fun 🙂

Social Studies –  The test over Ch.6 was today.  When the tests are completed, and graded, I will hand them back for students to correct to get 1/2 points back.  Look for those sometime this week.  Our next topic of study will be Ancient Rome.

Spelling – No Spelling this week.  Spelling Bee lists were supposed to be sent home last week, so if they are sent home today, we will spend the week studying in class.

New School Practices – Thank you so much to you, my precious parents, for coming to the meeting last week.  I saw more than 1/2 of my class represented.  Thank you so much for being there!

Outdoor School – Outdoor School is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 – Thursday, April 26.  This is a conference planned and supported trip.  It is required through the conference.  At the end of February, I will send out more information regarding the trip.  Currently, the price is $175.  This will need to be paid to the school by all students by or before Friday, April 13.  This is also the fee for any adults that choose to come along.  If you may be planning to come, you need to let me know ASAP.  I have to let the conference know.  In the coming weeks, I will be sending home paperwork regarding the trip.  I will also be putting together another 1 or 2 fundraisers.  Please be aware that the price you pay for the trip may change a little depending on your involvement with any fundraiser we do.

Valentine’s Day – To be quite honest with you, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day so much.  But, for students that want to, they are welcome to bring valentines for the class on Wednesday, but bring enough for the entire everyone.  I also ask that students do bring a little snack to share with the class.  It can be a bag of apples, bananas, bag of candy, or chips, etc.  Your choice.  Enough to share with everyone.  Even though we are not going celebrate Valentine’s Day, will be celebrating the uniqueness of each of us and that God made us to help make others feel special.

Impact Day – Impact Day is this Friday.  Our class is going to the Wolf Sanctuary.  Paperwork is going home today.  it will need to come back by Wednesday or they won’t be able to attend.  Also,  we need drivers.  If you can drive, please let me know.  This trip is a tough one because the entire school will need to be transported.  Any help you can give would be much appreciated!

Parent Meetings – This week, I will contact each of you to schedule a mid-year meeting about your kiddo.  I would like to talk with you regarding your child’s progress up to this point and any plans that may need to be made in the coming months.  I look forward to talking with each of you very soon!

Progress Reports – The reports you are getting home today may not be entirely accurate.  There are quite a few missing assignments at this time.  When you look at the report, also look at the missing assignment sheet that will be attached.  When those assignments are turned in, grades will improve.  And, since students are receiving missing assignment sheets weekly, they should be able to get themselves caught up.

Red sheets – I am fazing out Red Missing Assignment sheets.  I have been printing out, every Monday, a list of missing work.  Each student has received them weekly, and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

Thank you for showing the love of God to each of your children!  I am grateful for the love they show to me.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at kstair@yahoo.com OR call/text me at (832)603-2104.

Important Dates for February/March –

  • Monday, Feb.12 – SS Ch.6 Test
  • Wednesday, Feb.14 – Reading presentations
  • Thursday, Feb.15 – How-To Presentations
  • Friday, Feb.16 – Project Impact Day, 1/2 Day dismissal
  • Saturday, Feb.17 – Go Day, 7th & 8th gym night
  • Monday, Feb.19 – No School – President’s Day
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21 – Dress Down Day for 5/6 funds
  • Friday, Feb. 23 – In-school Spelling Bee
  • Thursday, March 1 – Kindness project due
  • Spring Break – March 5-9



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