Happy National Pistachio Day – Monday, February 26

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was not as enjoyable as I would have liked.  My sister ended up needing me to come get her in Houston and take her to the doctor.  She was treated for Strep and potential walking Pneumonia.  She is doing better, but still feeling really yucky.  And then on Sunday, I felt like I was back 6 months ago, dealing with Hurricane Harvey.  We were trying to pump water off of our back porch.  It was a mess ALL DAY long!  So, my weekend wasn’t so great, but I did find some fun moments within the crazy.  Hope you were able to do so too.

Bible – This week, we are learning about how nothing can separate us from God’s love.   Also, remember that the Kindness Project is due on Thursday, March 1.   https://www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com/100-acts-kindness-kids . On a side note, we are pausing on the Student Sabbath.  There was a confusion of church schedule and I need to secure another date.  So, at this point, we will not be having Student Sabbath on March 17.

Math – Groups 1 and Group 2 are learning how to Multiply and Divide Fractions and Mixed Numbers.  They are also learning how to use fractions in Word Problems.   Group 3 has finished up their Fraction requirement and will be taking their exit test this week.

Reading –   This week will be the last week for PR books.  Remember, we need 2 for each quarter.  Both books need to be read and book reports turned in by or before Friday, March 2.  After Spring Break, we will begin our next Pathways book for 4th quarter.

Language Arts – How-To Presentations for those that were sick last week, will take place tomorrow.  We continue learning about Adjectives this week, learning how to compare them properly.  After Spring Break, we will learn about Adverbs, have a test over Adverbs, and then begin our “All About Me” Poetry project.

Science – This week, in Ch.13, we continue learning about electricity.  We will learn what conducts electricity and what insulates it.  We will also learn about the different types of batteries that store electricity.  There will be no test over Ch.13, but there will be a test over Ch.13&14.  The proposed date for the test is on Wednesday, March 28.

Social Studies –  We are learning about Rome in Ch.7.  There will be no test over this chapter, but there will be a project.  Students can create their own model of a Roman Arch, functioning Roman Aqueduct, or an example of a  Roman Villa.  Rome Project Requirements

Spelling – No Spelling this week.  Students are studying the Spelling Bee lists that were sent home last week.  Wednesday will be the classroom Spelling Bee for eliminations and Friday will be the school Spelling Bee.

Outdoor School – Outdoor School is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 – Thursday, April 26.  This is a conference planned and supported trip.  It is required through the conference.  I am sending home paperwork regarding the trip.  Currently, the price is $175 per student.  This will need to be paid to the school by or before Friday, April 13.  This is also the fee for any adults that choose to come along.  If you may be planning to come, you need to let me know ASAP.  I have to let the conference know.2018 OUTDOOR SCHOOL PERMISSION SLIP     Hoblitzelle Permission Slip-Waiver NEW  Hoblitzelle Camp Map

Fundraisers for Outdoor School – Good news, all around!  We made almost $75 from dress-down day.   Our first pizza day went great!  I am not sure how much money we raised yet, but this will be an easy way to offset ODS.  Also, mark your calendars for a Jason’s Deli fundraiser night on Thursday, March 22 from 5-10pm.  During that evening, a certain percent of our sales will be given back to us.  After this month, depending on our total, we may do one more fundraiser.  More details as needed.  But, please don’t forget to save up for your portion of the trip.  Plan ahead!

Thank you – A very special thank you to Luke and Chris for their gift of flowers.  They have brightened my desk and love them!!!

Parent Meetings – Parent meetings will be Wednesday – Friday.  I have these appointment times: Wednesday – 3:45, 4:15 ; Thursday – 3:45, 4:15 ; Friday – 2:3o, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00.  I also have 10:30 – 11am Wednesday and Thursday.  If those times don’t work, please let me know.  Otherwise, text me your preferred time to meet.  I will also send a paper home tomorrow with the times to sign up as well.  Remember, this is just an update as to the progress your student has made over the year.  There may be a few things I want to discuss, but generally, just a progress report 🙂

End of Quarter –   All missing work will be due by Wednesday of next week, February 28.  Any assignments that are not turned in by that date will be given a zero, with the exception of work missed due to being sick.  That work can be turned in by Friday.  The other exception would be the PR books.  They are also not due until Friday, March 2.

Red sheets/ Missing Assignment list – I am fazing out Red Missing Assignment sheets.  I have been printing out, every Monday, a list of missing work.  Each student has received them weekly, and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

Thank you so much for all that you do!  I appreciate the texts, phone calls, and emails.  Each of your kiddos are a blessing to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing of a group!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at kstair@yahoo.com OR call/text me at (832)603-2104.

Important Dates for February/March –

  • Wednesday, Feb.21 – Class Spelling Bee
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28 – All missing work due
  • Thursday, March 1 – Kindness project due
  • Friday, March 2 – School Spelling Bee – parents invited – 9:30am
  • Friday, March 2 – End of 3rd Quarter
  • Monday, March 5 – Friday, March 9 – Spring Break
  • Thursday, March 15 – Spirit Day
  • Friday, March 16 – Ch.7 SS Project due/presentations
  • Sabbath, March 17 – GO DAY
  • Monday, March 19 & Tuesday, March 20 – SUB (I have a Bible conference to attend)
  • Thursday, March 22 – Jason’s Deli Fundraiser – 5-10pm
  • Friday, March 23 – On-campus Impact Day
  • Wednesday, March 28 – Science Ch.13&14 (proposed test date)
  • Friday, March 30 – No School – Good Friday