Happy Flower Day – Monday – May 20, 2019

Happy Monday!  And happy last Monday of year!  Holy Cow!  I can’t believe we are here.  I have been very blessed to teach these kiddos this year.  I absolutely know that God will do great things with each and every one of them.

What are we learning about this week?

Bible –  We finish up our unit on the Bible.  We have learned about the value of the Bible in our lives, the fact that others would die to protect it, and that we need to choose to spend time learning about God through reading its words.

Math –   We learned about the Pythagorean Theroem today and will finish that tomorrow.  Either tomorrow or Wednesday, we will take our end of school year Math assessment through Renaissance Learning.

Reading –  The 2 PR books for this quarter are due by Thursday. Students will also be required to make sure all 8 books, from the year, are read.  They will get points for the 100 points a piece for the two they finished this quarter, and 400 points total for all 8 books read for the year.  If students are not caught up, then they need to make sure to get caught up on their reading so their participation grade does not go down.

Spelling – no more spelling for the year

Social Studies – To end out the year, students will be making a mini-book with the ABCs of American and Texas history.  This will be due on Wednesday.  They will need to write the name, draw a picture, and write a brief explanation of what the chosen topic was.

Science – Today was our first medical professional meeting regarding the body, reproduction, childbirth, and diseases.  Mr. Jeremy Dayen came to discuss the curriculum from a medical standpoint  and answer questions that students may have.  Mrs. Maddie Olazaron will be coming on Wednesday.  She will be doing the same thing, but from a female perspective.  This is a wonderful way to discuss questions that kids have about their bodies and any concerns they may have.  This is also a great opportunity to talk about God’s design for our bodies and His concept of human creation. Make sure to talk with your child regarding the presentations, just to open up the line of communication in your family regarding this sensitive topic.

Language Arts – We  will be finising up our essays this week.  2nd draft is due tomorrow and the final/typed draft is due on Wednesday.

Final thoughts…

  • Please remember to check your REMIND app!
  • The Fun Run has been resheduled to Sunday, June 2.  It will be just like a regular 5k, but sponsored by the school.  It will not be a school day and school attendance will not be required, as it is during summer hours, but it is a fun way to reconnect after school has let out.  More detials to come soon.

Look ahead –

8th  – Graduation has been set for Thursday, May 23, at 6:30pm.  This is a joint graduation with our Senior student.  Each student is responsible for 1/2 of table to decorate that represents themselves.  The tribute table needs to be set up before leaving school, after K graduation, at the end of the day on Thursday.  Also, you are welcome to bring fruit plates or veggie plates for snacks.  Any food items or snacks that are brought will be the parent’s responsibility to have ready to serve, as there will not be anyone in the kitchen to take care of serving  or preparing it. We will need help with setup of decorations.  This will take place Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, the 21st and 22nd.  I ask that all 8th grade parents are involved with graduation in some aspect or another, so if you do not have anything yet, please contact me.  In regards to time, students will need to arrive no later than 6pm.

7th – 7th grade students are expected to attend graduation, as they will be leading the 8th grade students into the gym at the very beginning of the ceremony, and leading them out at the end.  Also, it is requested that 7th grade parents help with clean up at the end of the night so that 8th grade parents can spend time with their graduates and family members that came in for graduation.

Thursday – Class Party – Breakfast = I will be making pancakes for the class.  Students will need to bring breakfast items to share: Melanie- Juice, Marcella – Juice, Alejandra – hashbrowns, Christian – Cinnamon rolls, Katie – Juice, Glenn – Donuts, Rumbi – Bagels, Karolina – flavored cream cheese, Kasi – Muffins, Luke – Juice, Khumbula – Donut, Chelsea – Omelets

Important Dates – May

  • Monday, May 20 – Medical professional visitation#1
  • Tuesday, May 21 – Math Assessment / Reading Assessment
  • Wednesday, May 22 – Medical professional visitation#2
  • Wednesday, May 22 – Final Social Studies assignment – ABCs of American and Texas History due
  • Wednesday, May 22 – ALL assignments due – no assignments will be accepted beyond this point
  • Tuesday, May 21 & Wednesday, May 22 – Decoration for Graduation
  • Thursday, May 23 – Class Party
  • Thursday, May 23 – PR books due
  • Thursday, May 23 – Graduation
  • Friday, May 24 – Last Day of School (1/2 Day)

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